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My Preferred Exercise Program

A lot of people ask me how I stay in shape.

Allow me to explain it to you.  Your muscles do not know that they are getting worked to grow stronger. They only know that they are being forced against a resistance.  Your muscles will then make sure to strengthen up and get ready for the same resistance next time you exercise.

All your muscles know is adaptation.

Escalating Density Training takes full advantage of this principle.  Let me give you an example. On the first week, you bench 15 reps of 200 lbs.  This causes your muscles to “get ready” for the same workout the following week.

However, next week you do 20 reps of 200 pounds.  Your muscles again will repair and build to be strong enough for 20 reps of 200 pounds the following week.

Every time the resistance is magnified, your muscles have no choice but to accommodate by getting bigger and stronger.  After your muscles have gotten used to the high amount of reps, you increase the amount of weight.

Let me use an analogy we can all relate to.  If you know tanning, you’d know to start by building a base. You then increase your time in the sun gradually.  Although many people don’t realize this, you should apply the same principle when working out.

However, the increasing intensity level is dependent completely on the size of the base you’ve built up.  Put Differently, you can only improve at the rate that your body is capable of.

This lesson is very essential to your work out, and it sounds extremely simple.  Unluckily, people oftentimes apply this principle incorrectly.

This is a real problem with a lot of training programs. They lack a system for increasing work load. With Escalating Density Training, the whole premise of the system is on systematically increasing workload.

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