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1 Foot Jump or 2 Feet Jump?

Since I’ve started doing sports, I was told that you’re born either a one foot jumper or a two foot jumper. I’ve heard everything. “It depends on your genes.” “small guys hop higher off one foot and tall guys hop higher off two feet.” This issue has been a usual misconception ever since I could remember. It’s sad knowing lots of athletes limit themselves because of misinformation like this, and You’ll see why.Vert Freak 101 impressed me becauset there is a committed chapter in the course that Busts the one foot/two foot jumper myth. I’ll give you a preview of what the section covers in this post.

The number one detail I’d like to Say again is: You weren’t born with any preference. So don’t be anxious and concern that with what sports you’d be skilled at or something like that. A Bunch of athletes Do not perform at their full potential when thinking Like that. An athlete that exhibits that mindset As a kid focuses Fully on one jumping method his or her entire life, while the other method is ignored. Sadly, in many sports counting basketball, it’s generally beneficial to be able to hop using both Methods. If you learn how each technique works, you’ll See how it’s possible for anyone to be skilled at both Techniques.

You can Find out more regarding single foot jumping against. Two feet jumping at my blog by clicking here.

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