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Vert Freak 101 Reviewed

It’s quite difficult when you have to decide from the various vertical jump training products out there when a lot of them are carelessly put together and therefore have no credibility. The same thought might come to mind when you’re viewing a product like Vert Freak 101. Two main aspects you should look out for when questioning the credibility of vertical jump programs are its promises and its authors. I’ll go over those aspects with Vert Freak 101 in this article.

When you’re viewing the landing page of a product, watch out for outrageous promises that sound too good to be true. Some people are fooled and eventually waste their money on ineffective products, but you know better. No program can promise a certain amount of improvement in your vertical jump. Everyone is different and how much room for improvement is varied from person to person also.

If you take a look at Vert Freak 101’s landing page, you won’t find any improvement promise. But if you watch the main video, you’ll be informed that users gained an average of 8 inches on their standing vertical. What this tells us is that the people who manage this product actually take time to analyze the statistics.

The next part of my test is finding out the author of this program. Just by reading down the site, I discovered that its author, Adam Linkenauger, was a 7x Atlantic Coast Conference high jump champion and the winner of a “National Powerade Dunk Contest.” Just because of my paranoid self, I googled up his name and found that the information matched up.

Knowing these two sets of information about any product will help you determine its legitimacy. Vert Freak 101 passed my tests and had given me assurance that it was indeed “legit.”

However, the next thing you begin to wonder is, is the program any good? I personally took it for a test spin, and am working on a site that goes over everything you need to know. You can check it out at http://vertfreak101.blogspot.com/

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